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Downhill Mountain Bikes – The 29er

The “29er” is a large diameter bicycle wheel gaining popularity and used on some downhill mountain bikes. It is approximately 29 inches across (hence “29er”), in constrast to the more traditional “26er”, or 26 inch diameter wheel. It was first … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes – Protection

When enjoying the downhill mountain bikes experience while minimizing the risk and severity of injury, one has the option of selecting from a wide range of protective gear. Due to the nature of going downhill, solid protection is needed to … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes – Stems

The handlebar stem on downhill mountain bikes both keeps the handlebar in place and determines the height of the handlebars. Often they are made of aluminum alloy, with the higher end ones consisting of 7075 aluminum. 7075 aluminum uses zinc … Continue reading

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Subzero Cycling

When the temperature drops below zero (degrees Fahrenheit), many would never even consider hopping atop a manual two-wheeler. But what if one needs to get to work and the options are: (1) Waiting outside to hop aboard a crowded, slow … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes – Electric

Electric downhill mountain bikes have recently been introduced, allowing one to easily traverse hills and eliminating the need for a separate vehicle to ferry them to the top. Through battery powered bicycles are a recent phenomenon, power assisted bikes have … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes – Tires

The thickest and most durable tires can be found on downhill mountain bikes, where traction and resistance to puncture are paramount. The thicknesses range from 2.2 to 2.8 inches, and they come with reinforced sidewalls. The rubber is soft and … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes – Suspension

Downhill mountain bikes are specialized full suspension bicycles, meaning they have suspensions in both the front and rear. The suspension system acts as a counterforce to smooth out sudden changes in elevation like those found on downhill trails. It maintains … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes – Brakes

Downhill mountain bikes generally have disc brakes, which have many advantages and a few disadvantages over rim brakes. The main advantage with disc brakes is their distance to the ground. ¬†Sitting close to the axle, they are less susceptible to … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes – Frame Materials

Downhill mountain bikes have frames typically made of steel, aluminum alloys, or carbon fiber polymers. Overall the frame must be durable (have a high fatigue limit), stiff, and have high yield strength (the force needed to deform) and elongation (the … Continue reading

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Downhill Mountain Bikes

The selection of one of a many different brands of downhill mountain bikes on the market today is important due to the nature of this inherently dangerous, but exhilarating sport. Downhill mountain biking places unique demands on both the riders … Continue reading

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