Downhill Mountain Bikes

The selection of one of a many different brands of downhill mountain bikes on the market today is important due to the nature of this inherently dangerous, but exhilarating sport. Downhill mountain biking places unique demands on both the riders and their equipment. As the riders are often far from civilization, the risk associated with equipment failure is compounded. This requires a degree of self sufficiency on the trail, which can be achieved by:

* bringing along a backpack, which will contain:
– extra snacks
– tools and spare parts for in-field repair
– a first aid kit
* wearing protective clothing including body armor
* riding with more than one person

It goes without saying that one’s bike must be able to handle a fair amount of abuse, and this is what downhill mountain bikes are designed for. They have a very developed suspension and are made of light and durable materials. They will typically be more expensive than other types of bicycles, but one can still participate without breaking the bank. The weight will typically be a little under 40 lbs, contrasting with a department store bike which will weigh around 50 lbs, or a road bike, which will weigh about 25 lbs. Many will feature disc brakes for better performance.

Though durable, these bikes must be maintained frequently. Brakes must be replaced often and the bike inspected before each session.

Some recent innovations in downhill mountain bikes include the development of the electric bike, which will permit riders to climb terrain alone, and the development of an alternate gear shifting mechanism to reduct the problems associated with shifting.

From pillar to post, watch how a major bicycle supplier delivers downhill mountain bikes to their customers:

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