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When enjoying the downhill mountain bikes experience while minimizing the risk and severity of injury, one has the option of selecting from a wide range of protective gear. Due to the nature of going downhill, solid protection is needed to mitigate the odds and severity of injury. This is because as the bicycle and rider go faster and faster, the odds and severity of a mishap increase, especially on a rocky and tenuous surface. Though the use of hydraulic brakes and a sturdy frame help to reduce the odds of equipment failure, the risk is an ever present one.

The use of a regular bike helmet, while suitable for commuting, will not do for downhill. No, no, no. A full helmet, protecting the jawline, is what you need. It is a requirement in all downhill races. This helps minimize the possibility of concussion, a very serious injury that can have long lasting effects. Reading about this is no fun.

commuter bike helmet 300x238 Downhill Mountain Bikes   Protection
full bike helmet 300x199 Downhill Mountain Bikes   Protection
Commuter Bike Helmet
Full Bike Helment

Though the helmet is basic, shin pads are also recommended, lest one get hit by a rotating pedal. When suffering any mishap, the hands are the first part to come into play, so they should be protected by gloves. Knee pads can protect against scapes and trail rash. In addition, the use of bicycle shorts can reduce scraping should one find themselves in that unfortunate situation.

Finally, don’t add insult to injury by not only suffering a spill, but sliding into a thicket of poison ivy or poison oak. Consider where they may be located along the trail.

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